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tion should insist on being addressed as Sir William nine

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pregnated with such antiseptics as the surgeon considers indicated.

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Sometimes these abscesses perforate the pleura and discharge their contents

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responsible for the cancer in tar workers. Volkmann

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ovum to pass. In flexions of the tubes examined histologically

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the concurrence of friends and relations who often interfere

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Investion and Immunity as well as the Journal of Infectious

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inflammatory conditions of the tonsils. Dufour states that it is not

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The surface of the body is cold and emaciation is rapid. Very

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treatment of chronic diseases not to that of inflammations either

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inasmuch as of late there has been a reawakening of interest in regard

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tities of meat yields thirty forty or fifty grams of

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a pure culture of the bacillus. A practical application

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