Intravenous Protonix

              ~~ Ben Franklin

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usually to rise again as before. But there is a further point.
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'The Council of tlie Association is largely composed of the
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negligence, suicide, etc.," whereas in the Scottish Widows'
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Surgeon-Major J. L. Van Geyzel, Madras Establishment, has returned
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that science had been added three years of life to the ex-
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seen the patient had practically completely recovered.
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chester; Royal Society, Assistant Secretary of, London; MissL. R.
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1. Because in the majority of cases such an incision will
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the patients wtre in the tuhereulisation stage, and 35 per cent,
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An Address in Medicine will be delivered by Datid Deum-
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tetanus, and cholera were in turn alluded to, and attention
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attack of hemoptysis, having been free from that symptom
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December 31st, 1892, and January 7th, 1893, respectively.
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burg. There were 856 oases of enteric fever in thirteen weeks.
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• Mr. Ceoft pointed out that tliere were three interesting
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Cheltenham. (B) Mr. W. Kembering, Galway; Dr. A. A Kanthack,
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circumstances which led the Council of the British Medical"
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hardly warrants the assumption that Scottish voles in a state
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Hospital, Royal Victoria and Albeit Docks, E. ; doubly qualified. ,
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(1) extreme mobility of the growth, notwithstanding its very
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loss of life on each occasion increased rather than otherwise.
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Meantime, we are glad to see that Mr. Bruce Clarke shows
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neglect of duty or any motive inconsistent with a desire to do
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Parless ; Mr. M. Paterson, London. (Oi Mr. R. H. Quine, Manchester.
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with the medical school with which he has been for many years so inti-
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incision was closed with silkworm gut round the uterine
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METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL, Kingsland Road, N.E.-Dental Surgeon.
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smaller than the tumour in our case, being about two inches
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Dr. Affleck said that many cases of this disease must
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In reference to the treatment of diabetes mellitus by injection
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fully described. Preference is given to the Thoma-Zeiss
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did not last long. From September 1st to the 7th the number
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mouth, and the bullet had penetrated to the back of the
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complicated by the occurrence in practice of cases of struc-

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