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the nerve centres irritate rather than Ijencfit but in

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main permanently so but the crystalline lens as well

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ing in imperfect digestion of the starchy elements of food.

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which these medicines are prescribed in the way or in any thing

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In the course of his argument of the medical treatment of cholelithiasis

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left side of the tongue was larger than the right and

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may be more or less continuous especially early in the disease remittent or

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hair and oblong ears. These traits have persisted with the alteration

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etc. according to the gastric lesion may be demanded since the gastric

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expert testimony to show that the result of the injury

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the destruction of these fatal organisms that the future rdle

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tion in the Rev. Mr. Tennent s academy he entered upon

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oxide of iron in water I entertained the opinion that atmo

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wound and went down extraperitoneally and dug out the

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who are interested may have the opportunity of making an ophthalmoscopic

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last. From the tumour a thin section was made and exhibited and it

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papers or have consented to write papers when invited to do so.

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cross Hospital in a young woman aged who had suffered from

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mors of the bones in case of very early diagnosis and

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would be well if the same opportunity could l e enjoy

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of inquirers who search for primal truth fearless of conse

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but rays running separately are not in a position to

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for the neighbourhood having been attacked by cholera

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of it in the literature and apparently it has not been

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of composition in the bile. Among the remedies directed against these

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tabetic process probably begins in the bloodvessels.

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remain to finish his collegiate course. Returning to New York he

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