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              ~~ Ben Franklin

uterus had been as large as that of a woman of thirty

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glandular part poured their contents into the venous system

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with multiple abscesses in all parts of the body due to the

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diseased or putrid food or water. The Diarrhoea is more violent and

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sults from laboratory experiments with this serum. If I see the

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THE CINCINNATI LANCET AND CLINIC is issued every Saturday and contains large octavo

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been taken. Manifestations of overdosage include somnolence confusion and coma. Induce

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There are few students or physicians who are not familiar with

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frequent involvement of the pancreas constituted the

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If obtained such knowledge is of small value to physi

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whose skin has been found to be too delicate to sustain the

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their respected Principal that a large measure of the success which

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periods and a similar arrangement is noted in the legs of birds

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no less efficient in other chronic constitutional or

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branches from the cellular membrane the fkin the bladder and

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he is also a lecturer at the Ul Abraham Lincoln School of

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distinct ha morrhoidal tumours evidently of old standing.

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probability have fallen to its original value before the ope

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Reprint from Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrics July

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aspect of the diseased surface was altered and the patient re

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etc. with the difference that electricity has been slower in its action.

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which pellagra had been attributed might occur in all

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But in sparsely settled districts the difficulty of communication may be

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lesions so the experiment was classed among those producing posi

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course without any characteristic symptoms whatever.

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holder if its use is adopted early tends to accomplish for him what

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one considers the origin the distribution and the peculiar structure of

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ist. Probably the greatest criticism of the teaching of the above

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the disease it is due to the paralysis of respiration or to the

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