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              ~~ Ben Franklin

tained in the cholera stools ; and indeed there is plenty of evidence to

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ings and in the feces and even urine and be ocularly demonstrated any day, but hu-

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stage lasts from two to twelve hours. During apyrexia the temperature

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found with other photo-chemical substances. The perception of

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primary attack, and that the latter persons might have violent diph-

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prima facie evidence, especially if a cephalalgia ceased with the

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years the case is reported as cured and without disfigurement. It was

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but, in addition, he cannot omit specially to thank Dr. Cobbold

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so excellent a paper upon the subject, and believed that Dr.

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not believe that this growth was productive of reflex irrita-

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for the warty character of the tumor is distinctly visible as

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products. Some of them, notably the changes in the blood and blood-

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ach, but seldom any black vomit. When there was free de-

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Delegates to South Carolina State Medical Society — Dr. Fletcher R. Harris,

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10 o'clock. No further ha;inorrhage occurred. The pain in the epigastrium

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and Ilm. Another lot of St. 21 sera was absorbed with Culture Ilm.

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have destroyed a big half of his credibility, and he

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and prevents the regurgitation of gas. A tenaculum for grasping and

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pyretics. Atropin furnishes a complete antidote in case of an unsus-

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operation. When catheterization is necessary the patient should be

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sustaining the view of the non-aseptic condition of the oil.

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microscope may show that the ultimate brain cells are few in

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ment that cross sections of blood- and lymph-vessels

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Tarnier's collection of statistics shows the proportion of albumin-

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diseases and chronic intlammatory conditions of the respirator)'

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Christian era, until the time of Galen, who flourished

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57. Burstein J, Brown G,Klein C: Treatment of Congestive Heart

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of the several Sections, is excellent. The date of the

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two drachms of salicylic acid and one drachm of carbolic acid, with a sufficient

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the skin and external parts, in all cases of fever and inflammation; and,

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2 clotrimazole

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Hospital and to the Burd School. 308 S. Sixteenth St.

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days after the acute infection. Sensation was preserved. Ataxia

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in any persons subjected to abnormal vaso-motor irri-

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lin is limited ; we are familiar with two analyses. One by

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