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              ~~ Ben Franklin

made by the large manufacturers for bleaching purposes, that it

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proved that syphilis is a necessary antecedent of general paralysis,

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He had not noticed this until five months before. Before that

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which the due circulation had been expelled by previous pressure,

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per cent, solution of each of the alkaloids, and ex-

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The Milk Commission appointed by the Milwaukee Medical

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With the mechanical trades barred to the women there are

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Brit. 11. J., Lond., 1899, i, 150.— Battle (E. W.) A case

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expenses of the College for the current year an annual fee of two dollars ($2.00), pursuant

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University Travelling Prizeman in Medicine. With four hun-

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with as much relish as prior to the receipt of the injury, and

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attending to his duties, and the fact that the damaged point could be

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had tuberculosis of the lungs. In 23.3 /o, this was the cause

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reports 2 cases in which the bromid of radium was used in the

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anion and the hydrogen peroxide leads to the formation of

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times, devoting himself unceasingly to his laboratory,

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to the argument from the birth-rate, little weight can be attached to it.

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Now all these tumours arise from a very small origin, and gradually increase

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complaint to the authorities that the students neglected to attend their

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During the hot stage the feeling of heat becomes gradually more severe,

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extracts have no difficulty in reducing other metallic solutions, as silver nitrate

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to Manhattan and the Bronx is wasted, and that if this waste were

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PKARCB Con. i), M. S.. 1'. R. C. S., Surgeon to Middlesex Hospital, Lecturer on

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admitted under his care on July 31, 1878, with dulness of the upper lobe of the

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<.r the (Mr.ipci. and i- ii-uall\ a--. „ i.n,-,! .,.,iil, |.„,i,.r^. ,,| ,),,. ^,,p,,,jj

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txifoid Uca/ttf f its ucru SJ a/- ."//< Cmstttutunn , IcSttoJh Aea&

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girl, and weighed only fifty-six pounds. Cnder feeding

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patient little, if any, opportunity is offered for their disper-

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rheumatic disorders are well known. The day cutaneous erthyema and slight edema

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of these cases, of prompt surgical assistance for the relief of suffering and the

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plished by absorbent remedies, diuretics, drastics, preparations of

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of vertigo. The dizziness is probably due to a vasomotor

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other marks of-^ scrophuious diathesis. They have no cough,

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consist mostly of nitrogenous substances in different stages of the metamor-

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never known an instance of vanilla poisoning by the

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