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              ~~ Ben Franklin

first month of pregnancy. In order to test her imagination, I

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in believing it possible to arrest pneumonitis at its onset, by large bleedings, from having

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There may be fever, irregular chills, disturbance of diges-

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about the point at which the notch in the left lung commences.

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rection. In a word, it is a book calculated to guide and

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jected hypodermically or into the veins of normal ani-

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mod.. Par., 1896, vii, 457. Also: Rev. prat. d. trav. de

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rheumatism, the application alla3 r ed the pain and reduced the swelling

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H. Spalding, M.D., of Hingham, Albert W. Horr, M.D., E. F.

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the consideration of the question, how far certain wofk now

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tracted by boiling, the appearance of the cachexia is

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by during the autumn quarter, 1918, and of colds for the same

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acid exercises no little influence over cough, expectoration, and fever, and

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ligence of the death of Dr. Tourasse, of Saint-Maur-

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The patient complains of general weakness, loss of appetite, and great difficulty

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ever, continued, and were occasionally very distressing, although on the whole

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grams. This case is remarkable in several respects,

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tinetly iippreciiiMe only in tin* lymphutic orj^iins iind

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the constitution, this dangerous diathesis may subside. Of course, sll

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by tlie Bartholinean duct, which issues direct from the sub-

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surgeon at the battle of Waterloo. After the fall of the

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anywhere and it will do no harm to put the injured member on a

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part of it — all that part, namely, which to the naked eye has

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which is not uncommon in elderly people ; or it may be sympa-

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which spirometric tests have demonstrated, increases

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little, distort, ridicule or otherwise to lessen its hold

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The disease began in that portion of New Orleans known as the "French

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He sent for Dr. Cory; when he arrived the woman was very collapsed, and died

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these persons are kept at home, and the reasons for this are many and

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diseases of the year and season will often throw great light upon the most

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teria cases which all the medical world used to go to

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Lawrence ; R. C. Huse, Georgetown ; A. F. Shea, Lawrence ;

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tions for imbecile children is that the Mongolian idiots with

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Previous to this period, or twenty-five years of age, the brides, in point

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ha. Naturally, when cough was due to pleuritic exuda-

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"" "ll'l-"' .M\IM, ,XN,, , i.KIM.y IMMVSIsiiN WOl-Nl,.. Wl

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This is particularly true of those who have adopted

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