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              ~~ Ben Franklin

described by Heubner ; the lesions of periarteritis were less advanced. In the brain
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staining agents, such as borax-carmine followed by picro-Victoria-blue.
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of mercury. She improved steadily, gained rapidly in
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and its Treatment," has described minutely the method by
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United States Marine-Hospital Service, who shall examine each
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Medica and Member of the Council R.C.S.I., one of the
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German writers must be admitted, and I think that the probability is that
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While making a study of the diseased membranes in cases of infec-
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vals, with the pulse barely perceptible at the wrist ; sensible, but dull and
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All agree that the salient characteristics are the exaggerated pro-
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ten inches, and whose three brothers and one sister were normal. Claudius
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cells of an endothelial character, containing septa of fibrous tissue,
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will obviously be greatly influenced by the temperature of the water used to
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He was one of the original memorialists who petitioned the Legis-'
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candies, and desserts; all rich and highly seasoned foods, should be
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fee bills, physicians were subject to both indignity and
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before softening takes place ; and I cannot but believe that when this particular
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with a metallic instrument. The pain was continuous,
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was bent forwards, the chest was hunched up, the back became bent, the height
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begins as a rule with general malaise and feverishness, and this culminates
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great omentum in the dog is an enormously elongated, double-bladed
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one of the resident medical officers, informs me that they have succeeded per-
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seen, the symptoms resembling to a considerable extent those of small
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it is noticed that all the muscles suffer equally. There is no distinction
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Essential Factors. Irregular leukocytosis and differential findings,
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ing in the primary and verifying experiments all things
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alent mode of teaching medicine. If the a))ove-nu'n-
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of what I may call the Dutch secret, his observant and intelli-
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treme examples, as quoted by the most strenuous advocates of the neuro*pathology, and
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Hospital for Women and Children, Brooklyn, was recently sold
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misleading, and particularly so the farther away they are from the
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considering the two cases of ataxia alluded to on p. 903 et seq., namely,
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In nasal diphtheria, after inoculation the effects are similar, the irri-
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The ideas of interference may become more organised, so that he is
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everyAvhere ; the child took now his food Avith eager anxiety, and
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lary tumors are most often the neurofibromas or neurilemo-
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pertinent to recall the statement of Anderson,^ that sensitization of
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title " the grease ; " and the latter unquestionably did cultivate
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class. It is much more characterized too by research and
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laryngitis the terchloride of iodine, in the strength of from
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sued in the case of her husband, exception of course
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once fairly entered upon it, lies in this : There is nat-
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of placenta praevia before the hemorrhage begins ? Aloreover,

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