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              ~~ Ben Franklin

for the advancement of scientific research. This pub-

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certain of the cases of illness among the children in the X House, not

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IV. An Experimental Study of Blood-Pressure and of Pulse-Pressure in Man.

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No attempt will be made to review the literature^ which is very well

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tliiii- whirh raiisrs it t.. liiiiiL' al.out a n.oir pel lV,-lly intciii-at,-! niovo-

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ill e\tr;iets of the liver uf lioriil.'il iiniliiiils. The piissilile initlire uf this

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SURGERY — Intensive course in Surgical Technique,

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Serum from Rabbit 422, immunized to edestin having a titer of 1-2000.

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,; •//,, ,l..u,r.,i.,l .-'-v Tl,.. iIuhI t„l., I.M..I u |,l.....l in tl .jniM--

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(ilv.sis 111 mes marke.l in iiropoition as the <\h\<: liver lieeomes acid in

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Vaughn, H. H.: Treatment of Carcinoma of the Colon, Ann.

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mit to the next Annual Session the proper resolution

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lactospore bacillus coagulans

of bacterial culture only. Tube 6 receives 1 cc. of hydroxylomine

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This meeting was an out growth of a similar rural health

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the heart and pancreas isolated from the numerous interrelating factors

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animal passage, carried through a long series of experiments upon

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saved by a proper cooperation between the breeders of animals, the

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breast decreases rather than increases the life ex-

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The X House is a large, modem, five-story apartment house, con-

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many as seven different plasmata. These included plasmata prepared

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was 15, fasting blood sugar 132, total protein 5.5 with

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the symptoms of hay fever, pollen asthma, acute and chronic urticaria,

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In the present series of experiments, an attempt has been made to

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of the Association to carry on in the best interests of

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heatintj iron into the uterus and maintains for a considerable time a

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The RAle of the Autopsy in the Medicine of To-day. By M. C. Wintebnitz,

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his exposure to Harry A, which would make the incubation period five

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What's life after Real Estate News ?

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