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fever no dyspnoea except on undue exertion and at no time

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GIRTHS are buckled one over the other appearing single.

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given up intra uterine medication in the treatment of endo

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middle life. It has been observed at all ages. Excluding the cases which

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mites. Without doubt much perplexity has hitherto arisen

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I in no way wish to be held responsible for the cor

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remarkable to note the amount of this indiscriminate

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new tissue developments. Similar cellular infiltrations may also occur in

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of the nose proportionate to the amount of flattening. This

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to be greater than it really is. If simple cylindrical glasses suffice for

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induces laminitis founder due to contraction of the internal blood

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mum mortality was per cent greater among females than among males.

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Paulian. Hemiparaplegie fonctionnelle gauche avec troubles de la

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thinks the Helonia dioicia star wort or false unicorn root has been too

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one rises and waxes full the other waxes lank and perish

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a secretion of some kind requiring occasional cough to eject

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continued until the th when the child died comatose. To the

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self nor for his immediate circle of friends but for the

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should prove a means whereby they can be prevented it will be a

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in connection with acute catarrh of the lungs the edges of

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of the Local Government Board tliat as slop water not being

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eliminate this significant risk. Rigorous adherence to

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Does it consist of symptoms merely without a cause At a more

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In ortlcr to determine the relative rates of death and

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times be advantageously added. Podophyllin is also of use in these

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and then twenty four hours later various species of spirilla be inocu

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effectual in all wounds especially in the head as also to

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in cases where the distance of a residence from a central supply

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fifteen minims of sulphuric ether were added. Small doses were

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patient so readily running into excess in their use and we are

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ous inflammation. If we bear in mind that the catarrhal

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mechanical causes an escape of the blood corpuscles from the capil

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not reach the farther side of the lid. After several cuts

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iodoform gauze. This prevented the formation of a blood clot

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restlessness involuntary voiding of urine and feces and rigidity an

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the cavity with sufficient rapidity to maintain normal nutrition it

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