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Houses in Foreclosure Canada As wealthy foreign buyers snap up more and more luxury homes in Canada, high-net-worth Canadians are similarly showing strong interest in purchasing multimillion-dollar residences abroad. But while their sights were once set on a French château, perhaps, or a Tuscan villa, the trend now is towards buying in the United States...

government foreclosure freezeGovernment Considers Foreclosure Freeze- Foreclosure Freeze By Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America & Chase

The White House is considering changes to its mortgage modification plan that could include a freeze on home foreclosures, sources tell FOX Business.

No New Foreclosures Until Government’s Foreclosure Prevention Plan Is Ready

New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis

Zero money down, not subprime loans, led to the mortgage meltdown.

Louisville foreclosure prevention launched

Jefferson Circuit Court judges, Louisville Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson, and U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth joined forces Tuesday to launch the Foreclosure Conciliation Project, a program designed to encourage lenders to explore alternatives to foreclosure.


Bernanke explains Business Foreclosure

Bernanke Says U.S. Must Step Up Foreclosure Efforts  -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke urged using more taxpayer funds for new efforts to prevent home foreclosures, saying the private sector is incapable of coping with the crisis on its own. The Fed chief outlined four possible options, including buying delinquent mortgages and providing bigger incentives for refinancing loans. He called for addressing the “apparent market failure” where lenders aren’t modifying mortgages even in cases where it’s in their own economic interest to do so... read Business Foreclosure

Help People to stop Foreclosure.

It’s David Norden here. I am contacting you because many home owners are in trouble at this moment and with actual bank crisis it doesn't seem problems are easy to solve.

Foreclosure filings surge 120%foreclosure fillings surge 120% 

There were 220,000 homes lost to bank repossessions in the second quarter, and the annual forecast for 2008 will have to be revised upward.  more


Foreclosure-data Web sites becoming big business

Foreclosure filings are public information, free for anyone to see if you know where to find them.

But the data can be time-consuming and tricky to gather from government offices. So a plethora of services have emerged to sell data to investors.

Why we shouldn't be bailing out subprime lenders or borrowers

Dumb: Buying a house you can't afford with no down payment and a loan whose monthly payments will explode in a few years.

Dumber: Lending money to people who can't afford a traditional mortgage, especially when they have lousy credit ratings and don't substantiate their income.

Dumbest: Bailing out dumb and dumber, especially with taxpayer money. ... Read  subprime lenders

Bank Foreclosure hotline helping most callers

Chase Bank Colorado and other banks court a new client: The low-income earner



Mortgage lenders help owners avoid home foreclosures



View foreclosure pictures and top 10 data

Foreclosure Data RealtyTrac today released its U.S. Foreclosure Market Report containing year-end data for 2006. Nationwide, 1.2 million properties entered some stage of foreclosure during 2006, a 42-percent jump from 2005. The report also indicates that one of every 92 households across the country filed for foreclosure.

foreclosure data florida , soar nationwide Home foreclosures rose in Florida data and nationwide during 2006, up 42 percent nationwide and 2 percent in Florida, according to a national survey released Thursday by RealtyTrac, a California-based company.

Lisa Petrillo mortgage foreclosure florida expert Real Estate: The Next Hot Market 
In 26 years of doing it, I still get surprises, and there is money to be made in it.”--Julian Dominguez, Real Estate Investor

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