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bloweth where it listeth," we are not yet in a position to determine, much
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substance of the heart was inflamed ; the pericardium presented hardly
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Fifty-six in consequence of injury; of whom twenty-two (J^ed ; being one in
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neither stops the morning rise nor, when done early in the evening, hinders
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tapering towards the end. Cuticle transversely striated, and forms
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sistently with strength — small enough to pass into the virgin uterus with
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tom. Danger from uraemia is not passed, although the albumen may have
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employing a certain method in cases entirely unsuitable
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Cod-liver oil, strychnia, arsenic, and iron are all use-
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sue. This led me to intercalate Ranney's device for
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Highsmith, W. C, Fayetteville; Univ. of Cincinnati, 1931;
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Preference for specific days of the week for continuing
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two elements, constituting puerperal fever — namely, first, the febrile action,
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ployment of electrolysis in the treatment of aneurism was wrongly attributed to
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sponged, packed, sprinkled, douched or immersed, as the
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Course, Duration, and Termination. — The characteristic feature of
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of this Infirmary, may depend upon being treated upon
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hundred and twenty-one cases were phthisical ; many
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sense of heaviness and vertigo rather than headache. You will
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characteristic alteration in this disease. The pia mater is oedematous,
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sisting of native houses more or less adapted to their new use, and
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there as a vesical calculus. Not infrequently these are caught at the
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its importance to their patients, or indifferent to the interests of
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-ref, O. 12 paSe, H. B. O. 12 >eo, O. 14 seocnep, H.
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rhad., aa Jss at one dose. I have not found that the diarrhoea would cease
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of England, Dr. Budd, who had dismissed the patient as
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|)oints or granulations were discovered in the prosta-
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101°, or a fraction of a degree below ; pulse, 114 to 120; res-
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of a perfectly radical surgical measure on the more or
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Latin and English, which is too frequently employed by those
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about to introduce a Bill for the compulsory repristration of
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could not discuss the statistical difficulties of the problem, but he found there
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of exudation-processes. I refer, first, to the medullary infiltration ot
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1. With the use of the safety razor any physician can easily obtain large
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We are also including the following article written by Capt.
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they include both multiple and mono-articular attacks and recurrences in cases in
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(6) The circumscribed form may involve either one or both lungs, though
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comfort to the patient. In the more chronic cases all fluid
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cision was made along the edge of the flattened tissue,
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