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As the patient and her husbsind became e.xtremely anxious to

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legal, but from the medical and scientitic point of view.

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ate candidates for a procedure more effectively than the

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on end, everywhere ; and one lady said she saw sparks as she

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The balance of the work is devoted to a consideration of the special

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again) is a i)art of the original third convolution.'

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growth, its salient outline and its knobbed contour. It often shows,

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Evidences of malnutrition. Temperature 104° or 105°. Rales

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in a number of small ponds and marshes within the village.' "

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theory ; but it is of some importance to know whether it is in diamet-

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found that the hair would gradually begin to fall out, but that in

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The Association has shown also that by energetic work

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those which concern the employment of foreign material such

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debted to Dr. Valentine Mott, jun., for the novel and extraordinary suggestion

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nervous disease. Although the closing of the lids was usually impera-

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members' dedication. I intend to make others aware of M

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The outlets from these fossre in front are the anterior nares ;

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ing medical doctors, home health agencies, and pharma-

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except for a short distance leaning on an attendant,

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I refer now to some of the gentlemen speaking two or three times, but I take no exception

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dull-wire curette may be relied upon to settle the diagno-

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