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              ~~ Ben Franklin

education became a pupil of Dr. Rush with whom he was
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pletely cured relapsing fever in per cent of his patients. Finally
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sediment suspended in ten per cent NaCl solution does not
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muscle in abeyance are bound to obtain the most exact
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one has seen or heard of in civilians but the one invariable feature
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from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
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the youngest being but three months old. Barnes explains these
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tion is undoubtedly often an important factor the idea of
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In rheumatic renal and tuberculous cases the fluid is usually serofibrinous
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source. The child was nearly a year old at the time of the
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lodgings. Children in foundling hospitals and asylums are specially prone to
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fore it should not be stopped immediately as it may be
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do not prevent the progress of the infection to other
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all causes for the two previous years and that year had been
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an umbrella or the waving of a flag over his head the discharge
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in the thin mucous membrane covering it. I now find the lobe
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were not often used but when the dulness was persistent they
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We know practically nothing of the conditions under which the pneumo
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stumbling open in the median line further back. A flap
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believer in the doctrine of signatures thus the leaves
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take the breast as before and return to perfect health when the transient
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Transfixion by long pins is a method subject to many
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upper lobes were healthy. The heart was normal. The stomach was empty
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Based on his findings in nine cases of parenchymatous nephritis in
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thetic and antiseptic action in the alimentary canal and by
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conditions indeed became bad enough to call urgently for reform and
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manifestations of visceral hysteria vicarious hemat
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pay such a handsome dividend on the capital invested
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physicians or counsel are present. He protested against
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Reduction in the degree of anaesthesia is sufficient to make
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part of the vagina urethralis. Of the testicles one had descended
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attainments and some who were noted for their large classes of private
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cies have done. It is a record which naturally encourages us
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management of this class of diseases early in the present
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of the manner in which the process is performed in the upper and
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