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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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The skin of the forearm of one of the experimenters

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given rise to expense, which is equal to non-production, is a direct injury

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" 4. Traumatic ostitis (i.e., traumatic inflammation of the bone-tissue proper)

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from interference with the free flow of the blood through its accus-

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comes at once disengaged by its points springing apart, when it may

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contractions are of rare occurrence, but on the 26th they

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mucopurulent; great irritation of the eyes with itching of the lids and

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spoke of the establishment of this policy. Its continu-

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botanists of the age, never to touch one that was not

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tilocular cyst of the left ovary. As the tumor was small at this time, no

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The old subdivision of the posterior columns into the col-

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♦ Nosol. Method. Gen. XIII. Card/Us. " Tyrcxia ; dolor in regions cordi> ;.

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the " mote from its own eye " before prating of the gullibility of the

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a class in English composition to put that sentence into

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side of thigh, almost to groin ; odor of gangrene very strong;

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science are bound up. Efficient ventilation or the removal of

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Basham describes another form of discoloration of the urine

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Calc. for CuHiaOsNzS: N, 9.09%; -i- IH2O: N, 8.56%. Found: N, 8.54%.

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was the best approach following ablation with 1-131. It was

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as many such places recently tabulated a year's work and

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customs in fact, w^hich, though approved by the trade, are, strictly speaking,

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tient to blow the nose, and the field is clear again.

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gested state, they have increased the vascular exhaustion, and

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A tea spoonful is about equal to one fluid drachm, or about sixty

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Resistance. — The greater the dulness the greater will be the

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States; occupation, postal clerk; thefather and mother

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Briner, W. U. , and Numerof, P.: Reduction of Radiation Exposure in

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scrval'on of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. By

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inactivity of the bowels. Decinormal salt solution is given

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mother's blood was negative to Wassermann's reaction.

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inferior extremity of the median incision ; the edges of the

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one Examining Board. He therefore trusted that without any

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oat; right lung adherent at apex; moderate congestion and oedema pos-

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ulceration, and the character of the ulcer is so completely in

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custom. The problem is not serious, for it is comparatively easy to

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are determined generally to put it down at all hazards. I will tell you

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process. The bacillus he discovers here is merely the nutritive

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