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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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priate term, he is indebted to his friend Dr. Daniel Noble.*
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or beginning of this chronic disease, tuberculosis,
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of the manubrium with the gladiolus with no fracture
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not been able to furnish a paper upon that subject, but offered in its place
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few. The work is furnished at J2 per annum, in half yearly
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that the expectation of life sii^ so low as this in England. In the
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** See outside back cover for list of terms ond pathologicol diognoses.
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I have given it as much, probably more, attention than any
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we offer Smaco Vitamin D, a highly potent extract of the antirachitic principle of cod
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the previous session at its close. We are happy to say that,
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as the modern art of pharmacy, aided by the skill of experience acquired in more
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The President appointed as such committee, Drs. Palmer,
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shall be based upon a proportion of from one-half to
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printed out in detailed “systems” on a card, or
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About 22 months later the patient consulted the author
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ral labor, he looked upon it as interfering with the laws of
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by Mr. Welling, " in which the patella was dislocated upon its edge.
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revenue and dues allocation enable it to operate well within its income and even to return
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applicable to the relation which we sustain to each other as
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Cobbe Pharmaceutical Co., 211 N. Lincoln St., Chicago.... 29
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JBJmerods, — The only connected account that we have of this
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(Journal A. M. A., Feb. 3, 1934), believe that in the
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that it can prevent any one from contracting Syphilis or Gon-
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group of men to enter the home of the three sisters at
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" A paper on the effects of lead on the heart, by Jno. W.
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The jury, as we have said, convicted him, but under extenuating cir-
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up tbe body, rescoiog it from a state of prostration, are patent to tbe
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in securing a closer relationship between these two
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in the affiliated hospitals for special obseiwation,
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Supplied in cartons of 30 individual dosage packets; initial dose,
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29. Ordman, C. W., Jennings, C. J., Jr., and Janeway,
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. . E. H. Rayson, Earlville Roswell T. Pettit, Ottawa.
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“The problem of regulation and control of licensed

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