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              ~~ Ben Franklin

throughout the communications and field army zones. As

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the example of the College of Surgeons to London in so doing

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the paralysis clearly demonstrates, that there must have been some injury done

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C. Reeve, of Dayton, O. ; Foreign Bodies in the Abdomen after

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has become affected, it may be considered prudent to avoid

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We all know that Garfield would not have lived as long as

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Entozoeu. Ibid., 1898, xxxvi, 60; 85. — Orossmanii (K.)

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"great experience in reimbursing physicians." H.R. Rep. No. 213, 89th Cong., 1st

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considerable pain. The face and eye were burned with pow-

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lowing anti-rabic inoculation of epileptics by the cessa-

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the wrist or ankle-joints as when applied to the right hyp>ochondrium.

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dicated ;" but if extensively recommended without an accompanying

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colitis, sigmoiditis, catarrhal diseases of the rectum, and

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from 2 to 3 weeks and later gradually subsided to the normal level.

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field of investigation that he was opening up, for,.,

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Cocaine is perhaps more rapid and intense in its action than eucaine, and

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emphasized ; and the viability of the V4rus in blood kept in an ice chest

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years. The mortality was 5.5 per cent., or excluding

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the procedure was looked on as a harmless sort of adulteration, quite

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sequences are that the legs often bend under the superin-

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coarse and rapid. When it affects the muscles of articulation, speech is

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loop knot, at a little distance from its division. Then

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I need scarcely say, that under so large and so sudden an

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results of many of our operations, altliough we failed to observe,

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forK° three different sets, viz: those of low, medium^ and hi(/h power. The

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attacked with dengue 8 days after his arrival in Charleston while it was

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South America to chew the coca leaf, has given much in-

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A. V. Roberts, of Mansfield, La., July 8, aged 79. He was gradu.

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