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gen examination negative. Neither should the lack of

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result in their death. So far as we know the malarial plasmodia

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The oesophagus is very rarely affected. Stenosis is the usual result.

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terminating in a bulbous extremity such hairs have been

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Indeed the symptoms were those of a localised periostitis of a some

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teen days contain no poisonous base but yield cadav

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tracting ring at a higher point we must make some allowance

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Those who tend to get well under almost any treatment or

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recent observations of Strieker to be to a certain extent distinct. The

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and holds it the normal length of time. Has not used cath

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The old philosophers sought for perpetual motion. Like

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pericardial blood confirmed with sub xiphoid pericar

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nected with the head and part of the body of the pancreas.

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It is the opinion of many obstetricians that the exhibition of chloroform

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They are also eliminated by the kidney and are antacids.

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direct methods have failed to reveal the nature of the

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quently visited with scarlatina in its severe forms. In

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of numerous injections of vi arm water thrown up the rectum by

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great all round improvement. Bowels regular sleep now tranquil

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ches ol the curriculum but that we fear that some of those not

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Wutzer s plan. Six of the eighteen cases were evidently injured by

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It may affect the laminae of the bone only Peripheral Ne

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conditions it should be given in the form of spirits diluted

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covered from the fever and one child in this family had cedema

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permitting a free flow of the current while others presented an

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widely separated from each other and of a dark chocolate colour con

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