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to correct such a fault at a local level in turn affecting
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stetric practitioners resort lor the sole purpose of
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But nowadays we know that the testicle is composed of two sep
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and to annex reasonable fines and penalties to the breacli of them
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Description of a Curious Case of Malformation Child Born
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sections on the central nervous system the organs of circulation
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care. Inquiry should be made concerning any surgical interference necessi
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dorsal lumbar and sacral before becoming caudal. This is necessa
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abuse of outpatients relief by a careful and yet liberal inquiry into the
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slightly beyond it and rough splinters are pressing on the mem
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are those of Nils Sjobring who maintained that he cultivated rhizo
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logical moment between the disease and its victims and
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these gathered as they are by a number of intelligent and thor
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nineteen meetings of the various sections were held
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neoroaed bones and in the ooune of the winter midsigo
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you choose for lie felt sure that very many of tlie
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though it had perfectly smooth movement. On the upper and
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nating the system imtil it begins to rebel such dosage to be
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water and how to give the applications rightly can by
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nea and the usual signs on percussion and auscultation of the
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Many of these establishments are extemporized out of
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Time forbids that I discuss in detail the medicinal treatment of
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of diseased portions. More remarkable still was the implanting
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At points in the rear where more careful attention can be paid to
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it and deserve at least a portion of the credit for it.
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In addition to fennel one may use in the head vapour
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its coats. The significance of the symptoms met with must therefore

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