Entocort Ruiske Hinta

              ~~ Ben Franklin

called to the recent case of " Hall v. Semple," in the

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physicians of every country form a mass of less ac-

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original articles, digests and reports — all for one dollar a year. • The illus-

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Phlegmons and Deep Abscesses of the Temporal Region, by M. Pouil-

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days, I gave her the " whole" extract again, when she rapidly

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suffered from severe pain in the abdomen, accompanied with

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000,000 and an expense of at least half that much more.

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abdomen and perforation of the liver, in which we were able to infer

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they everywhere interlace, so as to form rhomboidal meshes, but these are

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pensation in another way, by increased opportunities

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to require examination candidates to make calculations in chemis-

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matter, loose cuticle, or any other extraneous substance ; the

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sanitarians of the United States as to the proper form of a national public health

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frequently met with in uraemia and general paralysis of the

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And, lastly, Pick, of Prague, found that pus from a case of scabies, or pem-

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of stereoscopic roentgenograms seldom coincide exactly

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chlorodyne for the relief of pain, and soon after taking

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Digitalis. — Digitalis was not so much used as for-

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believe, is never dangerous in itself, and seldom from lany cause,

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demic was clearly traced to infection from the cushion of the operating table,

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abortive, cu|ative, and palliative measures. The indications in the first

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" With a conviction of the inutility, expensiveness, and

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third, smaller and inverted, is a real image produced by the poste-

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apex of the heart was in the nipple line in the sixth space;

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of a numerous and degraded class ; " and at page 14 the Report states that

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lacteals. So long as the quantity of sugar in • constituents, as ammonia, creatin, etc. All

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the continuance of the species, or propagation of the race.

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nitroglycerin dilates the vessels, and energizes the cardiac

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these cases a difference of six points occurred for which no explanation

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them that part is relieved. When so small a quantity

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; deutsch. Gesellsch. f. Chir.. Berl., 1884, xiii, 96-99. .

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of the exudation. Much plausibility also exists in the view, that

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however well built, when cases of typhoid fever, diptheria, etc., occur, tne pipes

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he calls pathological basis would seem to show : (a) In the urines of patients

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mon light of the day is still too much for him ; the

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