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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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To guard against substitution, always specify Tarrant's when ordering.

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the heart and lungs is healthy. After a smart purgative. Dr. Barlow ordered

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salt of tartar 1 oz., camphor 2 dr., valerian, liquorice, turmeric,

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fruits, and the substance of many vegetables, are irritating and laxative

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the proceedings of the New York County Medical Association for the

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theria, pneumonia, influenza, and sometimes in typhoid and cholera.

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until some hours had elapsed ; but at this time some discharge

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time. An adult would perhaps unwittingly or of his own accord reduce a dis-

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that theory might hold, although both these kinds of hemiopia are very rare, but it admits

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The European tincture of rhubarb is made with carda-

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the blood, blood coagulability is increased, the thyroid and

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early full partnership. Adequate time off or continuing medical

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patient, while the patient lost the organism with which he

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older cattle).^ But all through the period indicated by

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in general use, there are several objections to it, and, for this

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patient six weeks ago fell on the pavement and struck his thigh; he

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the developments of the foetus in utero | In: Facts and

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a diathetic disease ; but it is impossible to determine whether the diathesis

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not impaired. To my mind this hardly answers the question and I can-

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The New York Hospital Training School for Nurses.—

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work, which will be our best monument after we have passed away.

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empirical fact from an eminent and most experienced Phy-

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Francis J. Grund, Teacher of Mathematics at Chauncey

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physicians who not only ignore 8U(;h facts in their practice and

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ronto it is often with difficulty that the services of

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and the woman died undelivered. Mr. Streeter also advocated

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produce contraction at the closing of the circuit with as weak a current

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cords and outstandiog mascalar bands of the cavitj in which it lies ; and each

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the Federal law can not be digested by man}^ people. They assert,

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what curative powers peculiar to itself it possesses, in diseases

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