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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the disease. The most common abnormality in the thorax is the

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♦VId, History of Epidemic, Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis; Bibliot^que d« M^dcein Practicien, Vol. ix.

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nection with the absence of cardiac valvular disease. During life the

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is placed over it the brow and the bridge of the nose

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by the local authorities for the diagnosis, treatment, and pre-

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the exclusive sense iu which they are received by him. Putting these

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at the part where the vessel was tied, and the ligature was firm

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broken-down epithelium, fat-<;lobules. fjranuiar bodies,

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hidden and unknown. It should then be the great and para-

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he applied himself to this subject, as though it were

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on the outside. Put the prepared apples into a granite or earthenware dish.

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quite unlike the sac of an ordinary chronic abscess. I am in-

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the disease has run its course, the cartilaginous proliferations of the

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Exercise is just as much a tonic- for the nervous system as it is for

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Pathology. Very little is known of the actual mechanism by

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associations to change. For several years past he has been noticed to

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durable, reaching their acme at noon, or an hour or two after it, then

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of limiting septic matter through gauze or glass drainage to

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about normal consistence and size, showed a slight lacef-ation

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with the anatomical findings, and the most rational

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given case of ovarian cystoma is that which hinds the

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cess to a Library, cabinet of Materia Medica, &c,

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removal of some or all of the parathyroid bodies. It may also be caused by

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work of Downes improving Skene's methods. In regard to the

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in its mode of onset and course; in its early arthropathy; in its eruptions;

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treatment just given, an occasional douching of the fistulous


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opposite to Brindisi on the Italian coast, where an Austrian

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nary colour; they were smaller in quantity and number,

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fully. Materials as little irritant as possible are prescribed and

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Jury Duty, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Truth in Lending Act, Credit Reporting Agen-

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It remains to consider briefly the condition of the thy-

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Cicatrization of the Wound, to be discussed by Dr. Frederic

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