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              ~~ Ben Franklin

of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
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B. Effect of Decompression on Conmdsions. One of the patients
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wrpuscUs were observed amongst the brain structures, and especially along the tracks of the blood"
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sites should not circulate freely in the blood which
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came to me some months ago with a most interesting case
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aspects of it than for the individual. I don't believe
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doctrine belonging to the mechanical school of pathology, to advance
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are all due to a toxic or infectious process, or to a combination of
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tric current upon the chlorides always present in sewage.
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' Archiv fur Klin. Chirurgie, 1889; ilirncliirurgie.
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terference, and the need of collective work where the experience of
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prematurely, it may not survive its birth beyond a few days. It may breathe,
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Beatty was laid in the tomh, and the sad occasion was taken
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of making the average daily cost per capita forty-nine
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ous one — the cause of snoring while sleeping, etc. — l. e.] When dryness
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the article with this title by Dr. John C. Hupp, published
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loose, nor did it vomit. The patient did not look very
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hall are two passage-ways with rooms on either side. On the left as you en-
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The specious and brilliant hypothesis of Liebig which traced
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and not to a legal standard. In Offbrd's case (5 C. & P., 168),
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compels them to remain twice as long as is good for
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LARS a Part, thus placing it within the reach of all who are interested in this department of prac-
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marked impulse to the general death-rate of the population,
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cold water that he wants to drink, 5. Solid food given during
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There is an organizing and distributing tendency in
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The smaller cavities often close, remain sterile and even disappear in a
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such absolute assertion. There appears to be some truth in the
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