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effected by contraction of muscles passing over the joints

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symptoms returned suddenly as a result of severe wetting during

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duced by the child owing to want of muscular power to support

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tions of carboKc acid or chloride of hme. Many sheep

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ulcers. They are often called scrofulous brought by the lymphatics from the inflamed

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fine particularly those in the articles on hernia and hip joint disease.

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are familiar to you all. Very careful and reliable obser

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He denies absolutely the existence of multinucleate lenticular

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during epidemics and is known in the interior of the country by

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to exist When there is hemorrhage the cerebrospinal fluid is imi

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DCCCCXVI. The several measures to be pursued in the

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The various exercises I shall now describe may be re

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stitution controlled by the State. The Government has implicit trust

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become vascular and provided the inflammation do not con

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disease is so much the more serious because more extensive. The dis

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The following case exhibits the chief features of the disease

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be swollen and inflamed the laceration will look very bad and

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of the Ontario Veterinary College. One graduate of the Veterinary Depart

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children on taking the oalhs prescribed shall be en

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from the upper kidney the right crossed it ventrally and

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symbols give as usual the total concentrations of the ionized and

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produced fat necrosis by injecting extract of pancreas into the peri renal

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The question has been raised whether in tropical regions where per

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also a few points in the case bearing upon diagnosis and treat

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taining the same shape at all times adherent to the cecum but freely

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blood three days later splenectomy six days later complete lysis in one

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much from thirst and occasionally from sickness and vomiting

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