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Arts of Dublin, and may receiye his medical degree at the same com-
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wn.c^are^'Jo^'Je^lntS'^Lr^lollaL'o^ '^^^ ^^'^^^^^ °'
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ever, a combination of multiple sclerosis and hysteria (especially hysterical
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there is a gradually progressive destruction of nerve tissue in the most diverse
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the galvanometer thrown out of circuit we find with how many cells or at
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lows later a paralysis of the extensor and abductor longus pollicis and the
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pect that future attacks will be rare and comparatively mild, and that severe
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The Dickenson, — One scholarjsihip of £15 is awarded annually after
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themselves that the candidates are of good character, that (unless they
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jmade for Microscopical Demonstrations. Materia Medica and Thera-^
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**. , • '^•^fn^M SlgnS*\«*'C*^ Indicate 'Jiat « ei^a - .'♦iHria ftt M*» . '
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milder cases there may be only ptosis. The individual attack sometimes lasts
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tion prescribed by the Medical Council for the Preliminary examination.
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bination is gout and diabetes mellitus; ordinarily, attacks of gout appear
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tion of the obsession with the outer world is seldom real. A patient may
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we may mention the observations reported by Hanel where the disease was
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this Examination, prorided the candidate has obtained such a Certificate as will
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Or we have the patient cross the leg we wish to examine over the other, which
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Eaoh student is reqoiied before admission to deposit a further sum of threo^
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tion of cocain or chloroform, may give temporary relief (electrical cataphore-
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all the main subjects of medical instruction has been distributed for
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£50. Subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry. Candidates must
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Now vow concerned With what to d^with the cospletec^flpport.
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(gm. 50 to 100) daily. Together with this, two other substances usually ap-
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The proglottid .are'*e|Jrod«€tiye units containing bQ£t* the laale afHi ftoate sex oroans.
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Salopek, Joseph John, a, w, sp, San Francisco, Calif.
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water r?iay be used, but u Is not js effective as lui^ewaetsr *«ter in rensoving mllkfet.
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physiological reflex processes, but always with the action of ideas suggested
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two or three hours before bedtime. Trional is also to be recommended. These
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citdzen of Massachusetts, is required. A copy of such bond will
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mended by the Faculty covers four years, but, until further notice, the
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tolsils ars 4»od In tlits l^^vtmy far sti^tt of bfoiMleal oi^a mr^^et

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