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              ~~ Ben Franklin

animals in his ingenious treatife on generation. Hiftoire Nat

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he examined and operated upon plaintiff and as to the

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Systolic murmur audible over the mid sternum and in the aortic

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refult various differences of colours tafles confidences and many other

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the legs false mucous patches and induced gonorrhoeas.

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tres may be interrupted it must be admitted independently of

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of processes of cortical substance of kidney extend

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New York thirty five of whom accomplished the two hundred miles in

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head or the abdomen and of these two the abdomen suffers most.

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bre had passed obliquely through the left leg enter

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action of the toxic agent which gives rise to the morbid phenomena.

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tion of the mesh all of it may be pulled out but in

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suspended with mucilage of acacia. In any case it is well to

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purity would go further toward the prevention of this widespread malady

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A meeting was held in Philadelphia May in which the organiza

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gout decoction the latter of which is so strongly recommend

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held to this belief. In recent days a connection between

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Southern district and afterwards succeeded Dr. Bell in the samel

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certain protozoon organisms and are therefore known as actinopodia

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produced by the use of thyroid remedies by different per

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I have heard the same testimony from my father after forty years of

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base in a large degree an important diagnosis. Such

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the practice of performing ovariotomies in large hospitals

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of exceedingly keen observation and scientific perception especially as Berg

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about medical care among the city dwellers of the mid

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directly medial to the motor division of the trigeminal nerve

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humores sanos in suam indolem ita ut quandoque numerosse pus

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