Prescribe Diclofenac

              ~~ Ben Franklin

bers of the Board of Trustees ; and it has the aid and
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be twice that of an average kidney. The tense tddney may bulge through an
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skill and its details can well be omitted. It is better to operate
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being more essential than medicine. When the temperature is high
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poison, therefore, consumes the nitrogen and water of the blood and
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Even among the English, Scudamore could find but 12 females out
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less easily perceived. The heart sounds, at first clear and distinctly
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the circulatory disturbances and the stasis in the venous apparatus,
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The crab, or pubic louse, may be destroyed by applications of
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currence of these phenomena among the members of a gouty family,
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last for months, and only in exceptional cases did the patient have less
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In addition to this form, which I may call latent, in which the
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corresponding variations in the treatment. Sometimes the general
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Its situation is the base of the ventricle. It is probably due in most
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A generous dose of quinine taken every morning before going out
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the paths of tlie third order (up to 15° incline) are to be chosen.
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relaxes, and the desired movement may be executed. The muscles
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be relieved of the necessity of toil. The diligent live longer and
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other hand the diaphragm cannot force down, as under ordinary con-
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cording to the nature of the case. If the threatened patient has been
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Cold ablutions, cold rubbings, local baths, sitz baths, and other
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ate ; 11, the Teeth. II. — Diseases op the Mouth,
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be complete. But the termination of gastric digestion, or the oc-
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maUms nephritis has been most often applied ; to the other, with its marked
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tered, or twenty grains of chloral dissolved in sweetened water and
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Carlsbad or Marienbad a previously harmless nephritis (granular
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should be partially or wholly cut through or stretched until its fibers
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provisional tests have furnished a presumption of the presence of
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ultimately paralysis of that function and asphyxia. Excess of urea
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Something a little more definite may be said concerning the pref-
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volume of urine, the specific gravity tends to fall ; as it often does before the
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whereas the head of the humerus has been changed into a cavity sur-
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with pain more or less severe. Sometimes the tenderness and pain
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been referred to already. Precipitates of urates similarly produced will
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part of the urinary tract, as the result of a variety of lesions. Thus, hemor-
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the kidneys. The system may thus become overcharged with urates,
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The diagnosis is not difficult. In pyaemia there is the existence
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decide to lance them, to relieve the nervous system and prevent

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