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              ~~ Ben Franklin

cation of my fingers to the outside of the assailed


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years to come to have a niuch larger proportion of permanent cures after

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other peripheral paralyses, are examples in point. On the other hand,

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sepsis will, I believe, greatly modify for the better this figure.

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Critical Moment in Our History (Editorial) (Mar) 341

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can be scraped therefrom by the sharp spoon, leaving

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mediate parts. The cells gorged with fat become detached, and the free

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rhage of varying extent are found and also small foci of infiltration

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a market high enough above the cost of^its vegetable

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very small; spleen not larger. 10.15a.m.: pulse 56 ; respira-

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tunity to study the susceptibility to plague of squirrels from an

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viz., 15 to 20 feet, is healthful, and that a persistently high ground

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• The figures in this column, excepting those for London and Dublin,

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in recovery. Horses have recovered from an ounce of

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26.7 per cent, and this surprisingly small variation is in no definite

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where the cutaneous intumescence is extensively diffused, which I am

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Dr. F. Paekes Weber : I do not see why this case should not be regarded

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Diagnosis. — This depends on the essentially radicular distribution

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be deposited, as is shown elsewhere, independently of any essential

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quite familiar, and it is needless to state that in an opera-

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books and newspapers are full of them. According to an immutable law of

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and disastrous methml of individual experience gained while in actual

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corpuscles, but are otherwise very much like the smaller ones in ap-

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is put to bed he should at once be warmly covered, and if the

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that the palms and soles are never affected is far too sweeping ; as is

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Test. — The color of its salts of lead, silver, and mercury.

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and danger proceeds from her defective education, the idea never oc-

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Massag^e Baths, Spinal, Ascendingr, French, and other Douches.

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refined and intellectual his condition, the more common we find the latter

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upon the paper with a glass rod, and the fluid immediately removed with a piece

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learning is added to the already lengthened list ofthe advocates of me-

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of nervous influence ; but that, when once charged, it continues to emit this influence in tlie

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^slatcments ; and, although very complicated and presenting not

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above the surface, and the scales are extremely fine, delicate, and

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be no eflfort spared to get our most representative men

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in Disease, " which appeared in the Bosloti Medical


and that it was by direct extension up to the optic nerve to the fellow-

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tunate that only certain varieties are concerned in the propagation of

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septic wash, and an enema given once a day to relieve the bowels. Medica-

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