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              ~~ Ben Franklin

form is seen, upon careful consideration of the whole course of the disease,

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to which we must have recourse. I reduce it to the follow-

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gave private lectures upon obstetrics, diseases of women,

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pallid face. It is true, however, that the uraemic poisoning

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by practical experience and unremitting research. He is

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merit, made, as many of them are, upon the published prescrip-

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ground to fear that its present outbreak may not be confined to

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into two parts, — the immediate or palliative, and the second-

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internal cuneiform fragments, whose points are downwards ;

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drugs of our materia medica. Any report of such provings,

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when he reported himself as well, but as still taking the medi-

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ward be regarded as entirely secure from the development of

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fluid extract, was used for a week, when a partial raising of the

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The odor of the breath at once suggests intoxication ; but it is

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solve the phosphorus in cod-liver oil (0.01 to 100), giving 1 or 2 tea-

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From Paris Dr. Bryant proceeded to London, where for

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flexion is the cause of the disturbance ; and so convinced is he

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"The true conservatism that consists in doing what is

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The child slowly recovered ; and six months after this the

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tongue was large and flabby, the edges red, indented by the teeth,

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ment of what are called college clinics. In 1845 the present Belle-

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thigh, into which it had penetrated through an opening only

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On October 15, 1896, Dr. Hollister married Elaine, daughter of

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from the tolling of bells when rising from bed ; hissing in the

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abstention fell from 87 per cent, during the War of Secession

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existent save in the imagination of the unfaithful, would go far

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opening in the posterior wall of the pharynx, at its lower part,

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to take special instruction in surgery and surgical path-

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