Danazol Side Effects

              ~~ Ben Franklin

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* Jakowski, M. Promienica pluc i oplucnej. (Actinomycosis of the lungs and
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tion of a species of Streptothrix. Nocard (Ann. Inst. Pasteur (1888), 2, 293)
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The caseous masses, upon which the consecutive (secondary) devel-
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and young persons than in those more advanced in life ; that repeated
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be displaced to the left, and in total or left-sided hypertrophy it may
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acute pulmonary oedema, although such an event is of more common
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smelL While the charactei-istic reddening of the face was setting in, she
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gases which sometimes smell disagreeably, at others are odorless, ao»
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* Fbeytao, G. W. Beitrage z. Aetiol. d. Aktinomykose. Dissert., Mtinchen, 1901.
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perhaps also upon other conditions, the nature of which is not clear. As
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covered with tough mucus, here and there mixed with traces of blood.
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tomical changes in the pulmonary parenchyma of emphysematous pa-
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brood of these locusts appeared in tlie city of NeAV York and its irnme
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(o) The opsonic index, while it is the only scientifically accurate
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gastric mucous membrane, on the contrary, cannot be traced to chem-
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other points, decide me to doubt the correctness of Ghriesinger'* belief
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also abstr.: Centralbl. f. Bakt. etc., (1888), Abt. 1., 4, 652-654.
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cannot be satisfactorily answered. However, there is no doubt that
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management of thirty -five estimable ladies of the city, in which
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frequently found in the liver. It sometimes forms circumscribed,
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sion into the air-vesicles now exists beside swelling of their walls ; the
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sive venery, we cannot so readily explain the fact by the causes above
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system is sometimes found, and principally in the female sex it is
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which I was myself astonished, and which completely satisfied their
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used in dyspepsia are the aqueous extract (gr. i — 1), alcoholic extract
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in form, and furnished with prolongations, which are the residua of
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working a loom, one of which is found in every home. Another cause
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be administered by the rectum. It was very important to
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