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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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Mr. J. B. Story said he had under his care qome years ago, at

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ences. In fact, there is scarcely anything in the whole range

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at the shoulder-joint was advised by three excellent surgeons, we preferred

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clinical medicine or surgery is of curious interest, and

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cases of coma of his own, whore patients lying for many hours

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in regions somewhat remote from the point of irritation. This is

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Occasionally no poison was found, although death had taken place from the

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may occur even from small doses. Thus, Bonney observed exhaustion after

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the others, the result was the same as with Finsen's. It

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fblttele, the sac-like structure lod^;ed within the

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to it, and the spirits cannot separate from the blood even by a hair's breadth

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To be sure such work takes valuable time, which often lacks appreciation,

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have more or less subsided. A number of cases have been described,

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by foci of degeneration scattered through the brain and spinal cord.

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This lotion was used for a period of about two weeks,

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had adopted Tufnell's treatment he had prescribed the quantity of solids

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cally the shock was slight, and the general constitutional disturbance very little.

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having been well wrung out of cold water, the greater part of

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The names of Subscribers for the year ISC'S, are now being received

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same symptoms as the sufferer mentioned in the last

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of this type. The extreme nial-adjustment of the eye-

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toms are usually violent and alarming, — such as an immedi-

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These will almost invariably be found to be too small. The proper size

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sults from it. Again, it is often applied to all the

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The Secretary reported that the Council recommends to the

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greater than 30 minutes. This linear relationship between

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doubtless helping to keep down the temperature, probably

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oil, molasses, or honey; common salt, aa |ss.; water Ib.i. M.;

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anaemic, and infested by parasites when improperly fed, and to

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country and of Europe have become familiar with what

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also recommended that the Arkansas Medical Society in-

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and placental-like alkaline phosphatase (PLAP)]. Patho-

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The view adduced above to the eft'ect that pneumococci and other

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of the affections submitted to electrization must never be lost sight of, and as

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to one lung. It seems probable that, in still more exceptional

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repeated concussions occasioned by the motion of the horse

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the glottis is nearly occluded. The false membrane may be expectorated

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beg leave to call the doctor's attention to such a case,

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the attack seemed more toxic than that of a free interval.

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urine, accompanied by intermittent hematuria. It then became

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