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              ~~ Ben Franklin

announcing the scandal recently perpetrated at the expense of the Uni-
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HOBDAY, (t)" The Castration of Cryptorchid Horses and
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appetite. From this time it became markedly thinner, and when
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urine. As none of these conditions were present in this case, there
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strengthened by such united expressions of opinion as we and similar
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incision through the cornea, the removal of a portion of the iris and
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ing was considerable, but gradually diffused over the abdomen and
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People turn Melancholick, the more spirituous part of
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menia. As she became much quieter, she was allowed to return to the
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which it was usually verj' fond were refused. The faeces were hard,
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teeth rasped, but finding the condition did not improve he brought it
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1602. Two surgeons, who "searched (/. c, made a post mortem ex-
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and the animal gradually became thinner until the day of death.
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formed by the enlarged tracheo-bronchial glands may in some animals
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(hi) We have to record a third series of experiments, in which we
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mayor paid to one " Robert Vickory the sum of los., to help him to
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enced campaigners and the improved water-supply. Throughout the meet-
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a fragment of the tumour, about three eighths of an inch square, was
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in this family had the scarlatina in a latent form, and all became
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fowls, one pheasant, and two guinea-pigs. The guinea-pigs died from
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to its chair of Theory, a position which he held for
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think that the operation may have had some influence in retarding its
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Butt, William Frederick, M.R.C.S., 12, South Street, Park Lane
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The first stage in the tuberculous process in the liver of the fowl,
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tudinal incisions in the joint to be resected. These subperiosteal resec-
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Contagious Diseases Act of England should be repealed. Even those
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In our patient the pharyngeal inflammation was never really
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difficulty which rapidly increased. One morning the animal was found
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be embodied in one and the same Bill. Our next Parliamentary session
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