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monly it is connected with a gouty state of the system.
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situated in one of the principal divisions of the pulmonary artery,,
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ureter. In exceptional cases that duct has been found passing over and not
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ball, and disturbances in vision characterised by photo-
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then, it has been variously described by numerous writers, particu-
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The experiments of X. A. Willard, Esq., — a leader in all
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in the right corpus striatum with intra- ventricular haemorrhage, and extreme lowering
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ogy," New- York, 1881, p. 47), or they may be cliarac
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rats to morphine is lowered by the feeding of thyroid. In two
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to unite these two openings when operating, which, of course, would
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hausted as not to be rekindled by using the medicino
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formula. Next to the bromides I have found hyoscyamia the
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a remedy may be ufed with lafety •, efpecially as but
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these sanctuaries. Here they brought the amulets which had been
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more acid than usual and thus to satiate the intense
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was demonstrated, and although empyema occurs in pure pneumo-
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natural for those who know the value of pure air, natural food,
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identical "with the foregoing. This patient, however, died of bronchitis
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Eheumatism seldom assails any of the articular tissues except the
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the graduates of the German veterinary schools at all fitted to be-
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turn white and blue, and get very cold. The pain in them
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for the last two weeks of the period, so the death-rate of that city cannot
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hydration and rest, and sufficient rehabilitation after an injury.
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is one of the achievements of modern experimental biology. It can be
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cient gives an excellent means of following the changes in renal func-
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the more efficient ammonia producers; serving as a substrate
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present form it is likely to have. To St. Bartholomew students and to
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ful doses, three times a day, it favors the secretion and excretion of bile, and gradually removes
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The level at which the concentration of .sugar in the systemic blood
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fortunate results began to be noted in connection with a system of
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the exposed liver tissue began to ooze freely. Two catgut stitches
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when it is considered that the present of a piece of gold
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22 rubles, they disappear rapidly from the circulation. They may be
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IS injected in excess of the quantity of pus which has been evacuated.
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as a neighbor ; and I know very many of them to have been
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cicatrix, that their vascularization is due to a dis-
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In such cases, as in gunshot accidents, the bone is often cracked or fissured some
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of the spine showed nothing except marked tenderness
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With higher magnifications the following details could be made
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desired to occupy a position of good standing in the profession and with the

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