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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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air. Whether it can be taken into the system in the food and drink is still

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luxations of the vertebrae, such as spinal lesions, which may consist of

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suppression of long-continued hemorriiagcs, as menorrhagia, or bleed-

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not exceed two and one-half feet, and it would seem that the contagious

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excitement. The attacks of cardiac palpitation grow more severe, the thp-oid

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vaselin, will be found excellent as palliative measures.

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opposite condition is desired — from five to ten per cent, of the vapor of

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peared if recovery is to take place. As a rule, in typhus fever constipation

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intermissions occur at irregular intervals, which are of more frequent oc-

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accompanies or precedes the vomiting is colicky or paroxysmal at first, after-

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not reoeiyed for a less period than eight weeks. If at the end of their train-

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jaundice, stupor, and collapse are rapidly developed, and the patient passes

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the abdomen broadens and flattens when the patient assumes the supine

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it will usually be due to ulceration of the mucous membrane of the Eus-

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inoculations of an attenuated virus are now employed as prophylactic or

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1 Sir D. Corrigan. Ziemssen records a c:\se where dilatation of the hronchi occurred in both lung?,

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the fracture. A simple fissured fracture of the skull may be attended

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cannot be made from these symptoms alone, as extensive ulceration may

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the sheath of the vessels to the adjacent parenchyma gives rise to small ab-

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body, due to a hemorrhagic diathesis. It is really a hemorrhagic form

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dry and harsh, the surface assumes a peculiar pale, sallow appearance, there

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seat of atelectasis, then the tongue-like prolongations of the upper left lobe

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conformations of soil entirely destroys, malarial generation. In the ma-

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in other cases the impulse is prolonged and heaving in character, and in

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ful of barley-water is all that should be allowed, and absolute rest in the

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•5. reaction of sentiment ascribed the utmost benefit to their presence. Every

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The most common are fissured, stellate, depressed, and punctured.

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and Instructions for their Proper Handling, Ac. Dlustrated with numerous Dia*

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Differential Diagnosis. — Fatty heart may he confounded with other cardiac

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articles of furniture, in carpets, in the dust, and on the walls of the

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