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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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This is frequently accompanied by external squint caused by paralysis

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shown to us did I see any body of thenature of a parasite or'

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Leask, C. Mackinnon, W. McWatters, T. R. Mould, H. S. Muir. A. B.

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year, already issues a i|uite sumptuous quarto volume of

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sequent to storage in the usual manner, but, if possible, to

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that they vary from day to day, at times disapp)earing entirely. Ver-

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Surgical appliances, books, and microscopes will be exhibited

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tion of leukocytes. It is also different from lymphosarcomatous tumors,

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dry acute stage. The real remedies, however, are oils, of which, as we

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of the oculomotor nerves, the sixth,, fourth, and third, with various

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theirofficers. Men always more implictly obey officers of their own

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school, wish to avail himself of such an advantage."

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flammation. In them the aspiration may be repeated as often as

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mation, and hence never presents the accompaniment of cystitis, the

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Sa. 6d., which sum should be forwarded in post-office orders or stamps with

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result supervening upon an acute colitis, occurring while the patient

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and the subjacent tissue thus exposed, there follows as a result the

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Certainly there can be no form of adulteration more reprehensible than

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equator. As soon as the counter puncture is well accom-

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neous recovery. On the other hand, there is a form which may be cor-

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boating and sea fishing. There are several smaller and quieter

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field hospital equipment, and is "doomed to failure, all from pieventable

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East Cliff, Woolston, Hants: AlbEBT E. MaRTIN, M.D.

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tains of Havana ships from fear of the silk ribbons about the bunches.

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4. Knowledge of a woman (pained) in her belly and vulva

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in the altered condition of pregnancy ; (.3) the author thought

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clinical cause is progressive general ill health, with marked anemia, loss

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who presented themselves for examination were successful.

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t-tmy^-'"*^ •'^■^-" ' ^^.^^^r operates as a cause of tlie ])ain. 11ie patients

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Medical Otlicer of the Mushkaf Bolan Stiite Railvvay.

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