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              ~~ Ben Franklin

to professional nursing and the lesser to practical

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is so great that the animal becomes almost frantic.

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lung, with the exception of the upper half of the upper

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origin, and one of the specimens he then described was similar

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"It seems highly probable" says the writer, "if not almost

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Subjoined are the dates of the opinion of the Attorney-General

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is applicaltle not merely to cases requiring the induction of prema-

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In the case of Day (June 1838), epilepsy was alleged to have affected the

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and let it boil gently for five or six hours. Turn it carefully

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The boy came of a family of very small people ; he had an infantile look and

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science. So late as 1844 Liston said in a lecture at University

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or “reactive atypia.” These other terms referred to lesions


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courtesy as a newcomer ; and, in our opinion, A would have

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mushy ones. Physical examination showed nothing remarkable except a somewhat

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date of the first voyage of Columbus. His argument runs that the

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the ill-clothed, the ill-fed, and the ill-housed in

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symptoms began to subside, and by the fifth day had

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treated by splenotomy and drainage. Splenectomy may be useful in certain

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p. 99.) But in the urethra some of it forms an insoluble

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In the next place, the instruments and the hands having been

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bowels are constipated. The attacks vary greatly both as to intensity

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The bills introduced into the Senate and House of Repre-

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Pathology and Symptoms. — Laryngitis is not an uncommoi

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by changes in the orifice itself, as the result of all conditions which

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Time.... 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 195 210 225

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with heart disease, the ascites may be preceded by dropsy of the legs.

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of a hernial sac or of intestine could be discovered,

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me at that time, by those gentlemen, have since been fully realized by me.

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Burrows reports 2093 cases in Boston City Hospital (February,

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of the estates of their husbands, who had died of the fever, sued the city

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volume before us a highly important addition to our medical literature. It

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