Lithium Tablets

              ~~ Ben Franklin

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lines dropped from the point C, illustrating various de-

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purpose of destroying this rebel craft, our fleet fell down stream and

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Simple syrup is made by dissolving one and one-half pounds

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lithium and low bone density

. The stalk is 3 to 4 cm. in diameter. The cut surface of the tumor is soft,

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Jonathan Rashleigh, 3, Cumberland-terrace, Regeut's-park.

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sons, are good ones in support of his views, namely,

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ago she had la grippe and since then the headaches have

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to be easily regarded as an efficient cause of death.

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utility of the remedy in these cases. Tliere is little ground for the traditional

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Ijreat traetion. !>r. Kelly relies upon the forceps and sutures

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Smith, Newton Phineas P. & S., N. Y., '82 Norwich.

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handed over to the present health officer, July 20, 1901, practically

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time ; and also to relieve constipation by an occasional aloetic pill. The

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marked. Dr. Hawley had the curiosity to preserve them, and he desired to say that

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common. Yet, although he neglected entirely the six

element lithium

tion of the second sound in the pulmonary area, when the reduplication

physical properties of element lithium

which chloroform acts so specially and almost alone. The effort of the uterus

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German Congress of Surgery held at Berlin in 1887. He had

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the remedies best adapted to the existing state of malarial cachexia

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SYMPTOMS. — The desire to urinate is frequent, though small

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for duty, relieving First Lieutenant George W. Mathews, assistant

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hidden by fat-granules. A second case is reported occurring

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English, Scotch, French, and other surgeons generally believe that fracture of

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the exanthemata, or any other contagious diseases, do, as a matter of fact,

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sheep, 50 per cent, of the lambs died from this disease.

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laiger arteries, and a fiiU pulse, visible even in the smaller arteries; an

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wanes, but in a few cases it becomes distressingly intense.

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tribution of the bursae mucosae on the sole of the foot. So far this localization

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consequences on it, and not as mere coincident effects of some other cause.

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