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certainly most exceptional to find both diseases in active progress
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tions to this rule — the toxic cases, especially, being occasionally
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ward his medicine bottle should be at once turned in to the dispensary,
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societies are now rarely presented at our annual meetings. But
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pointed on the subject of candidates for the gratuitous course
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vitality, are at home anywhere and are therefore pecu-
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these points we must refer the reader to the work itself, inasmuch as we must now
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Howard, and professing to be an English surgeon of great renown,
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he had a slight paroxysm. The ague returned on its regular day, and he was
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and about the middle of April, 1883, he was ordered to the
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tor placed either before or behind him, places before his eyes, at a few
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as a respiratory stimulant. Both morphine and atropine can produce in
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to it a tag of starched cloth or thick, tough paper on which is heav-
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pice and was killed, whic& put a stop to pursuing the
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the risk of operating is small in comparison with that of waiting, for an in-
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is impossible to draw a conclusion which applies to every
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indeed, it is probable that in earlier periods, cholera, small-pox,
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swallowing too large a piece of food, keep his nostrils
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bacilli escape with blood from the capillaries of the glomeruli, and grow
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being renewed several times during the progress of the disorder.
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doubtless, will concur with the writer of the article " Acetanilide "
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the arthritis. This has particularly hampered our study of
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the cell-free fluids of young cultures of pneumococcus. This sub-
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reason of the rapidity of the motion, whicli in many animals
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The climax of indecency is reached with the proclamation of the abor-
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twenty grains ot iodide of potassium. Inquiry revealed the fact that
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will determine ; again the fatty inunction will perhaps give
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The respiratory quotients lie between the figures 77 and 86, the
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each hemisphere. Here the clinical condition was almost identically the
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lia in which there are more than seven cervical vertebrae.
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Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio. 476 pages. Springfield. Illinois.
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sepsis was less prevalent among the ancients, whose
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There are those who contend for a sea air. and others
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When the inflammatory reaction was not so intense, and the

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