Periactin Long Term Use

              ~~ Ben Franklin

B. S. Woodworth, of Xnd., on the best substitute for Cinchona and its
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fundamental nature of endemic goiter as disclosed by
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" The Faculty of every regularly constituted Medical Col-
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general policy of working out with the organized medi-
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level of penicillin in the blood as possible by slow-
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blood was neither cupped nor buffed. Immediately after bleeding, I gave
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asthma are a decided menace to the welfare of the fetus.
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ard diareiic ; But foe moft elaborate juice. Salt and ^rit of
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Far Advanced 80 71 88.8 1 1.3 5 6.3 12.5 0 .. 2 2.5 2.5
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iny” or “trigeminy,” but arrhythmias and tach-
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scious. Spectators said she was ‘‘out” only two
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According to Judge Minot, of Peinisylvania. (whose views
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In order to be prepared for such action, your chair-

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