Colostomy Bag Meaning In Spanish

              ~~ Ben Franklin

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colostomy bag


tions differing from those which are characteristic of typhoid fever in a ten-

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clothes slightly yellowish, much less than pyrogallic

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and parenchymatous nephritis, but it does not suppress

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drink ; bandage to leg and foot ; warm fomentations to abdomen.


In most cases of dyspepsia, patients suffer more or less from mental de-

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have been reported in which the intestinal passage remained pervious but

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but over the whole surface of the cardiac portion of the stomach

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uninteresting to refer briefly to some of the numerous plans

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Change of climate is sometimes advisable. A removal from a cold and

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The remedies to be continued, and a cathartic enema to be ad-

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this deposit inserts itself under the layers of the cornea, and gradu-

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to which, as will presently be seen, a paucity of red globules predisposes.

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Fucus Marina ELIMINATES the Malarial CAUSE; and thus

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apparently no better effect than if it had not been done; the patient

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505 in the year 1851, to 380 in 1852. The deaths from diarrhoea

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^ Colic, Mania, Epilepsy, Irritability, etc. In the restlessness ^

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persons attacked are alike exposed to the special cause, together with the

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stercoraceous matter ensues, and death may take place from exhaustion.*

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such cases is shown by the short duration of the disease, its diminished

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the winter and spring, except hooping-cough, which was nearly

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facts, and from these facts the following conclusion may be drawn : Ex-

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tion' of urine shortly returns, and the urine is apt to be albuminous.

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of Beely Grant, which name arose from the fact that, in early life,

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ditions of health ; in other words, what morbid actions or processes con-

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this object are external heat, stimulating applications to the surface, dif-

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Of the 50 cases analyzed by Dr. Smith, in Y recovery took place, and in

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before meals or immediately after. Increased or di-

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able. These points are to be considered in the differentiation of these

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Please use the term "LAPACTIC PILLS, S. & D.'S." when prescribing these pills.

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and ward off the stroke of death. Bay after day passes on in

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tice, after two tappings, there was no reaccumulation for six j^ears. In

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