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              ~~ Ben Franklin

In that case of mine, anemia, I went over that child and went

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References.— '"Sem. med.," July 15, 1896, and "Brit. Med.

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association with his fellow being, by the necessity of this inter-

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in the parts supplied and ultimate atrophy also. This latter is

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Plasmodium Vivax — (The Tertian Parasite) — (Schizogony, Human

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from the thorax, examine with a lower power of the microscope (^

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the course too tough and withdrew from school. At last

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short period. In Connecticut the same is true, and the disease made one

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the farther away they appear. A normal eye can appreciate an apparent differ-

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of the head of the femur by pus in the hip-joint The disappearance

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was very large at birth, weighing between twelve and thirteen pounds.

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James B. Bulitt, Louisville, Ky. — Appendicitis, the Imperative

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for a lever and applying all the force I could my hand would not bend

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He curetted her again this morning, as the hemorrhage re-

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bee^*^ reports an epidemic transmitted through a library book which had

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llospltal Steward L. C. Spangler, to proceed to Delaware Break-

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irregular involuntary movements of every part of the body and limbs.

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went through from below and above. The largest bougies

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other references to pellagra Dr. W^ells spoke of the large bovine stools

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erable, less than what might have been expected ; silver

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height, with light brown hair, was admitted July 28th, 1849. This patient

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firmed by withdrawing cow's milk shortly after ingestion b}^ infants

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