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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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ditions of the blood are very numerous, eczema, pru-
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overseeing the production, business operation and contents of the Journal. The editorial board, chaired by the medical editor, solicits and
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uvula, tonsils, and back of the pharynx, but valuable as such informa-
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■"■ 111 two or three eases of spinal irritation I have noticed that placing the
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mors, contains a double quantity of iodine and of the salt. The hydrio-
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dysentery bacillus. We have also an interesting example of river-water
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sentenced the writer to a dose of cowhide. They sallied
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have called attention to the fact that the involvement
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to the F.DiTOR, 37, Great Queen St.,Lincohi,'s Inn Fields, W.G.
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induce abortion, and to arrest metrorrhagia. A decoction
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The right adrenal was normal in size, but intensely hemorrhagic.
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the sacroiliac joint, and other treatment used. Dr.
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proctde nouveau. Bull. Soc. de m6d. de Par. (1882), 1883,
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which took place in about a week, a decidedly rough
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ties and car available. Contact Dept. 29 in care of the
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with the ^lobe of the eye, since it is this which supplies the sensory root to the
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The hot symptoms are false because the body is already so weak
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1890, xix, 61-63. — Constantinescn (I.) Limtaticile si
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9 weeks. Paraplegia ; anesthesia most marked on the right ; some
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in fact, that I always suspect typhoid fever, if such findings are
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rection of the Secretary of War, the leave of absence granted
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tion are very numerous and it is necessary for the physi-
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other words, if he was diagnosed three years after the discharge, then he
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method of dressing wounds, but w'thout tiie least en-
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physician, Dr. Baldwin. He has lost that haunted expression
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Misce, et divide iii pil. iv. Sumat j. sextis horis.
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M.D., P.O. Box 1028, 113 Madison, Jefferson City, Mo. 65102. The transmit-
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symptoms of exudative diathesis. But this tells us nothing
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fang; if it were so, every shedding of a fang would
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The snare described in the following lines is a combira-
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iorrection. In regard to this, the most complicated subject in
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that can destroy contagia are also antiseptic agents; that is, they can prevent
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localization of Flechsig must be mentioned. He adopted the
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three months shall be distinct and separate from the
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carcinomatosis often assume in horses, and especially in dogs,
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and belter than this, will be the development of un-
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be easily mapped out ; moreover, the symptom of met-
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in the past few years by a resoi't to the operation
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t Beatty, Joseph, F.R.C.S., Surgeon Moidvstown Hospital, 3 Howard-
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effects of opium, when the brain is not ijvolved, for this condition of symp-
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dilution represented a strength equal to one drop of the original
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but gave no permanent results. The last time I heard from the

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