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              ~~ Ben Franklin

Acute Endocarditis. While a primary simple endocarditis is still recog-

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catheters are opposed it is nearly round. Near the end

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patients. The other has never had a recurrence. Temporary increase

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sutured. The patient's general condition was so critical that the operation had to

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matter had been referred to the trustees, and they had

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eral surgeon of Brooklyn, N. Y., died at his residence

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nent symptoms are fever, great debility, and pains of a rheumatic

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seat of puncture, the gray matter of the lateral horns, and the posterior

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proper, upon giving twenty days' notice in two newspapers printed in this State ;

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ages are subject to its attack, but it of tenest appears between the

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as a direct gaseous projectile. The name projectile-air has been

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and two Austrian battalions quartered within for further

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probable ; that very few, even in a profusely impregnated atmos-

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Gentlemen : — I have abeadjj when speaking of dyspepsia, made

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meeting what subject they would like to discuss the following week,

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opinions of others. I took nature for my guide^ -and-

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injuries may therefore be mistaken — as Herbert Page has pointed out — for cases

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tail, known as the depressors, to make three straight incisions at

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tion of the ankle I ever had was in December, 1858 ; E. M., aged 24 years.

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very pertinently says that in cases of doubt of the

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ing to this plan it will be possible to take them to the infected district

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experience. In the cases he has cited, as given above, he

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the weather held up long enough for the 1 mile, 5K, and 10K

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Osborn, George Wakeman, B.A., Yale, '84 P. & S., N. Y., '87 Bridgeport.

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Kingston, N. H., in 1735-'6, — "As this was an inland place

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of rheumatism. He says it licks the articulations but bites the heart.

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appropriate remedies for each disease are described in other parts of

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Etiology. — (a) Male sex. (&) Age from thirty to forty years,

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various micrococci, including the staphylococcus aureus, have been found in

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to think for themselves, just as the Ionian Greeks had

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beats is of less import, because these may be the outcome of com-

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five days, during which time the temperature fluctuated

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him therefore, to be careful not to be so hampered that

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Presidciiit, Dr. Kdwiii H. llaivey. One hundred and

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