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              ~~ Ben Franklin

is furnished by the experiments of Barcroft and Straub on the oxygen

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The treatment consists in stopping the use of antiseptics as soon

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Though an animal should recover from an attack there is liable

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a very few hours or after the second day and even later although

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twitching of the corners of the mouth or of the eyelids.

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istration a building to house the medical sciences the

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would not profess to suggest uniform procedures to be carried

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pealing particularly to this class of students these

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mortality list. deaths were credited to pneumonia and to

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still more marked than these. Although it is most common to

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new clinical venue a peripatetic educational experi

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after pregnancy in a uterus whioh has never beeu dis

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as research departments and variously described as departments of ex

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cussion. The above method of making known the transactions of

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toms as leucorrhcea and painful menstruation when they

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frequently observed after the aqueous extract has been given.

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CoUcctio is from the vnpublisJicd Medical Writings of the kite

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patients of which twenty were treated with arsphenamin. The sys

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smartly and finish with dry rotten stone. There are

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mother tincture or powder is mixed with ninety nine parts of

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of its well known power of relaxing all voluntary mus

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