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."ilkings during the next three months a ?ot:r,ua ,7o fj^rr^^^l;-
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the universities to provide increased facilities for training stu-
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standing of the disease in its curable stages. These early pathologic
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motions are passed. Acute dilatation of the organ may result from a
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Strychnine. — If the drug has been swallowed, give emetics, or use
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however, be as large as a Tangerine orange. No gangrene of the liver
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used in cases of emergency, such as ocular, aural, and cerebral syphilis.
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ham large and rounded ; the (hank fharp before, and
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ous when the foregoing has failed. Horfes fubjedt to
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patient only recovering on removal to a dry climate.
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m-.fterwth -hz little care taken of him ; for he does
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produces convulsions which are of a cerebral type (Gottlieb). It may
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consideration. Much may here be gained by attention to lightness of
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(Gude) is distinctly valuable in this s]ie<'ial field, as it furni.shes
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these alkaloids, but all of them are surrounded by difficulties, owing to
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tuberculous ulcers of the stomach are multiple, as in cases reported by
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flank and not as distinctly as in the anterior positions. In this connection,
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Diagnosis and prognosis. — The low specific gravity and the
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with the hand. Eecovery from such an attack is almost invariable ; the
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cially of the true mountain breed, are brought into
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In gastric irritation, looseness of the bowels may be present, owing to the
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is separately described) is exceedingly rare, and the rule of constipation is
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in their feeding, exercife, and drelTing, will alone
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their virulence, and for the dried sputa the same is true.
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develop, or cardiac failure may occur, the patient dying any time during
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vomit," an almost fatal symptom. Diarrhoea of a similar character may
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sion and tactile examination, discovered to be enlarged. It may reach
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sweet nor too thick. Sometimes inhalations of menthol, creosote, or
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fure at leaft, be guarded againft, by never giving them quite cold
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to draw oft' the humour by the glands of the nofe.—
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1 metre in length, by 4 - 5 to 12 mm. in diameter. This parasite, if its
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combination with arsenic are also useful. Garrod strongly recommends
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fjre and hind legs of the fame fide are tied together with cotton
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of reactions are as follows: (1) negative, (2) positive, (3) pseudo.
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time attached to absence of laryngeal excursions as a point of importance
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session met with such hearty approval and support of the
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that is, when the under part of the foot is not hol-
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pain as speedily as possible ; the treatment of the subacute or chronic
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and even after death it may be difficult to decide. Secondary sarcomata
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(1) That the aiic of the patient affects tlie type, course, and
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membranes compressed together ; and usually some scolices can be found,
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has been suggested, in which antirabic serum is used to combat the disease ;
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even fragments of laminated membrane, may often be seen in it on micro-
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particularly towards the mouth, the three lips of which are provided each

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