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              ~~ Ben Franklin

cial value in directly curing the disease. Surgical treatment will
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The sphenoidal sinus is then penetrated and the trephine
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the patient through without imj lication of the heart and this
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absent blocked or malformed. In some States there is
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from benign to malignant tumors changes in tumor types.
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attended with slight lameness. The experiment was conducted openly at
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rooms not only have they private bath rooms at home but
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A Case of Idiopathic Epilepsy in a Bovine Dr. Arnolfo
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ing soda or saleratus in water or equal parts of alcohol or vinegar
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paint in pharyngitis to sore nipples amp g. Lotions of tannic
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gross appearance with the microscopical findings the
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tions developing in the meanwhile. Such animals however
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incorrect in fifty per cent of his cases and dividing his
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titis with considerable frequency. Very little is known about this disease and
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animal is retained in the above described position. The hand
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always severe and may become stercoraceous. Pain and tenesmus when
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of the disease when such insects had been fed only on
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number if desired of venereal cases.. Physical exami
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the wall of the intestine from without inwards. However this may be
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prefer the hydrochloric or nitric acids mixed as Dr. West recom
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request gratuitous medical services and he had never
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could not be adequately solved particularly during the early days of the war
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side. A Tien asked to protrude the tongue she did so inclining it
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nitrate of silver. As to treatment tonsil No. I was treated
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very small amounts e. g. sucrase can hydrolyze times its weight
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exertions during sexual intercourse onanism may be proximate causes of
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culin or by the discovery of tubercle bacilli in the stools.
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fully known nor are the functions of the various forms differentiated.
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mine if possible what contagious principles could be associated
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with fo great force that they hit againft the top of the receiver.
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peared in rapid succession in another institution. All

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