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              ~~ Ben Franklin

Our departure from London on February 15 — after only some
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The brace, cut of the best sheet steel, 18 to 20 gauge,
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bly, be sometimes beneficial ; but in the ulcerated
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larynx may be narrowed by the development of circumscribed edema,
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In descensus of the stomach and intestines much less
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do, by rest the stomach would rapidly gain strength and
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in tubercular spondylitis attended by abscess formation,
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had disafipeared behind the pillars of the fauces, the
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The relative proportion of cases of mitral disease necessarily varies in
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Case II. The second case is taken, by permission, from the records
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special affections that their publication in these columns
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greasy, more yellowish, and generally itch more than ringworm.
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to register for the next series. — June S. Gillette,
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self. In the ideal sanitarium spittoons should not be seen
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well water supply. An epidemic breaks out in the houses supplied
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ety as the broad foundation, and extending through the
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descended from the Abdomen through the Ring — Both Testes at
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in malignant tumours, of inoculating malaria, which can be easily re-
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never assured against the danger of severe intoxication, especially in
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An explanation of the fact that rapidly gained fatness
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to enlighten a body of medical men on the subject of the importance
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the enamel is faulty and there is access to the dentine, that
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whether they are true recurrences. Some of the sections which
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«O'??t-ir-i00CO'«l<rlt*aDr-tr-i'«1<r-ir-f^rHi-4»O'^ •l>tr-rH,-l-^i-iC?».'5
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eral practitioners are most apt to tall. Maryland M. J..
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(d) Accurate records of the symptoms at stated periods
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ond, from infection. But we may endeavor to keep the
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(D.) Professionalinformation ; when to be disclosed. N.
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closure of the abdominal wound. In order that there
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free Chlorine which it contains. It is well known that Chlorine
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Mr. Treves remarked that the case was slower than one
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Diagnosis. — (1) The causal or etiological diagnosis; (2) the direct
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On January i, 1913, there was established a Medico-Legal
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0.7 gram of N eliminated as ammonia daily which is from 3% to 5%
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long devotion to the one subject, it is a safe guide,
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as might be expected. The pigment often existing in them is the so-called
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opinions. Ordinarily, however, the term spontaneous cow-pox is em-
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PROGRESS OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. [British Medical Journal.
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all, however, became citizens of Louisville. Dr. Win, R. Caldwell,

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