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principles involved in the use of the top milk were i the

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ing conclusions as to the usefulness of gastrotomy in

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varying effects in different cases depended upon the dose.

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are received the terminations of the positive and negative wires

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using N hydrochloric acid as a diluent throughout and then making

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and observations having relation to the inheritance of moderately

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tumours need any treatment at all. A number of women go through

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jection intolerance of light and profuse lachrymation.

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makes the book particularly satisfactory in hunting up disputed points.

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This investigation on the subject of choke damp asphyxia was un

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lungs or pleurisy there are many circumstances in operation which im

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extremity is too short h because the foot of the diseased limb

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vaccinated five years ago showed one good cicatrix each and

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thus obtained should be confirmed. Shock and altered

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more manifested by that cell series its death will lie

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usually had cleaner hands than the surgeons. Mr. lar

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secretion. More than this we find not only various disturbances

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paper fill in with others which the committee have selected for the

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occasional epizootic appearance points clearly to some such cause.

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served by Pick s method the slight bleeching of the tissue

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thirty years since the memorable discovery Knopf says that we can

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Medical Reputation with Suggestions for its Attainment. In was

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the repatriated prisoners of war aro sent on in the

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cavity the vagus and glosso pharyngeus make their exit from

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jecting all new caisson workers to a preliminary test by exposing

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that it produces some haemolytic body de novo or that it lowers

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of presenting a testimonial to Dr. Richardson in recognition of his

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cephalomalacia are comparatively new. Their discussion

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syphiUtic aortitis began with the descriptions of the gross findings in persons having

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we may state that we have obtained the same results on calculation

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It is perhaps a sign of the proverbial frugality of the nation

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and assistants have access late from the dissecting

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S nnptoms. We oliserve first those of shock then those of rompreenjon

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used for embedding. A still further clarifying is necessary. This

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