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              ~~ Ben Franklin

and invariably pointing it forward heat and tender

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are brought into accurate apposition and stitches placed

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dence or about the period of acclimatisation. The disease is most

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school of the same name which preceded it in Chicago yet this is

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failed to approve it. As a result the National Cancer

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serious than one would at first believe. Bones of this nature

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by inoculation with virus which has been attenuated by heat light

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back occasionally and review the progress which has been

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which they may be able to satisfy the aspiration of

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one of the fullest and most complete treatises on the

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duced by other organs for Fiore and Franchetti have shown using

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with corrosive sublimate should be inserted and linseed

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probable advantages of the induction of premature labour in the cases in

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crepitus not being foimd when arm hangs by the side.

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side. At a meeting of the American Climatological Association in

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had been adopted to the local authorities instead of to the

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In two of them the heart seemed to stop suddenly while in the

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stances I felt my.self justified in doing and without resorting to other

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first bicuspids diyided with a chain saw and removed taking along

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were forced to discontinue because of inordinate increases

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barium or nitrate of silver. What is thrown down by

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mend it to the attention of the Society and to practitioners

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particularly in reference to the w r ork of the last

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relationship to the whole of life Are they to promote the

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but at times in the cortex cause speechlessness with paralysis of the muscles

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ovarian tumours and reviews the results said to have been

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train he found it necessary to put off a drunken man who

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there were two or three cross sections of the generative organs. Some

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succumb extends from the close of November to the end of April.

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ing the excessive fermentation of the contents of the stomach.

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