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              ~~ Ben Franklin

sil of lint to a moist or abraded surface or the pores of the skin ; but,

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show the affection to have been preceded by mental inquietude of some

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poplit6e droite dans le cours d'une ancienne osteomy61it6

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the spine. But in such cases the patient should be placed

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Pliny recommended " pine woods, a voyage to Egypt, or a course

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They were seen in an early stage, and were cured by either the

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place at the same time, in my view is not, as is supposed, the result of the increased detenninatioit

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paratively short duration and in whom complete cure is

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it is evident that Dr. Allen has made an addition to our

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of bacteriologic evidence has been accumulated which,

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probably owing to some chemical change in its constituents. It

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doctors for the part the newspapers have played in upholding the hands

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fresh cases, while the return of bright weather is frequently accompanied

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gitis, as well as myelitis, proves indubit;vlily that the actual

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over the back, but does not seem to be of any special moment. The

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would be only too willing and too glad to have a tithe

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which lasted for several hours. In other cases he has injected

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in quality to that he exhibited in London last summer,

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permanent in any given case, but also that the range of its influence may

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case from St. John's Hospital were all broken up and

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nea ! How often do cases of glaucoma come for advice after the

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most economical rate for a single representative determinant; and not

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" I then took a frog, and having added to one ounce of water 1-1 00th

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'' ' Rhubarb was taken from the Bucharian merchants at Kiachta

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that, in strumous affections, iodine is too freely prescribed.

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had proven highly beneficial. All knew that the disease

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Halle a. S., v. 48 (17), 23. Apr., pp. 194-195. [W«.]

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symptoms : " Palpitations, and ill-defined sensations in the cardiac

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rations or commands addressed to the blood, considered

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lene blue occasionally excite gastric disturbance or painful micturi-

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Engraving by William Blake (English, 1757-1827). From the set of Illustrations of the Book of Job,

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With reference to the method itself, it may be pointed out

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occurrence of relapse, and to shorten convalescence. If

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should be lined internally with red, or red and Y^Uoj' ^^^^

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dark, brownish fur; the breathing was somewhat accelerated and inter-

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Dyspnoea is sometimes very much relieved by oxygen in-

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out our country to urge the immediate adoption of adequate

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